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Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Teaching the Medicine of the Future™
Since 1994, the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition has been Teaching the Medicine of the Future™. The success of our wonderful enterprise reflects the societal changes that are leading us, slowly but surely, to greater self-responsibility in health care. Wholesome nutrition is indisputably the cornerstone of good health.

CSNN is the first school in Canada to offer classroom studies in holistic nutrition, and our commitment to quality education has resulted in CSNN being the largest, leading school in holistic nutrition education, offering both classroom and online studies.  CSNN offers a comprehensive practical foundation program in Natural Nutrition leading to the R.H.N. or C.H.N./C.H.N.C. designation (CSNN graduates who practice or do business in Alberta are required to use either the C.H.N. or C.H.N.C. designations).

CSNN’s practical science-based Natural Nutrition Program empowers holistic nutritionists/holistic nutritional consultants with the fundamental tools and skills needed for a lasting career in the complementary health care field. Registered Holistic Nutritionists™, Certified Holistic Nutritionists™, and Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultants™ are dedicated professionals, who create individualized whole foods, lifestyle, and supplement plans for their clients, empowering their clients to achieve optimal health. Holistic nutritionists endorse the promotion of whole, locally grown organic foods; sustainable farming practices; and a non-toxic environment.

The Advanced Holistic Nutrition™ workshops give holistic nutritionists and other health care practitioners a deeper understanding, plus additional tools for their practice. Graduates of CSNN’s Natural Nutrition program receive automatic entrance into the Advanced Holistic Nutrition™ Certificate Packages. Holistic nutrition professionals and students, and other health care practitioners are also welcome to take CSNN’s Advanced Holistic Nutrition workshops and certificates upon receipt of transcript.

At CSNN we are committed to providing practical career tools, along with strong student support networks and services. CSNN’s highly qualified instructors and dedicated managers help make your experience at CSNN both enlightening and enjoyable. We at CSNN look forward to the continuing opportunity of educating the public, as we have done since 1994.

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