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Complementary and Integrative Medicine at Pacific Rim College

Pacific Rim College is a Designated Private Training Institution of Holistic Medicine and Sustainable Living located on Vancouver Island in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. The college was founded to provide world-class education, modern research opportunities and premier clinical services in a variety of medical modalities.

Pacific Rim College was founded in an effort to integrate medicines of the world, thereby preserving indigenous practices and increasing the global availability of sustainable health care and advancement of resilient ecosystems practices in the context of food. More than fifty percent of people from industrialized countries use some form of complementary and alternative therapy, and in impoverished regions, this proportion would likely be even greater if therapies were available. PRC is training practitioners and professionals to meet this growing demand and to help supply valuable medical skills and regenerative food system strategies around the globe.

School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Offering 3 programs recognized across Canada – a 3-year Diploma of Acupuncture, a 4-year Diploma of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and a 5-year Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine – the School of AOM is one of the most distinguished in Canada. Clinical training opportunities exist in our on-site Student Clinic and in multiple countries via strategic global partnerships.

School of Western Herbal Medicine

With a 4-month Community Herbalist Certificate and a 3-year Diploma of Phytotherapy, the most comprehensive Western Herbal Medicine training program in North America, the School of WHM provides unprecedented opportunities in the classroom, clinic and herbal dispensary.

School of Holistic Nutrition

With a 4-month Holistic Nutrition Certificate and a 3-year Diploma of Holistic Nutrition, the most comprehensive on-site program of Holistic Nutrition in Canada, the School of HN is recognized by accrediting bodies and practitioner associations throughout North America.

School of Permaculture Design

With a 1-year diploma program that prepares graduates to be leaders in the fields of permaculture, natural building, and sustainable food and medicine systems, the School of PD is delivering unparalleled classroom and hands-on learning opportunities.

School of Integrative Health

Offering the Holistic Doula Certificate, which bridges Western Medicine with holistic therapies and is North America’s most comprehensive Doula training program, and a 2-year Natural Health Certificate, the School of IH presents training opportunities found nowhere else.

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