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Victoria College of Art

Vancouver Island’s largest and oldest school of Art

VCA’s mission is to foster a learning environment dedicated to enabling creative people to discover satisfying art careers of benefit to them and society at large.

As a modern social enterprise the college aspires to promote sustainable innovation in all sectors, to stress openness and transparency, to practice total inclusiveness, and to generate an awareness of how great minds and talents of the past can point us to the future.

The college’s interdisciplinary curriculum undergoes constant review and evaluation by students, faculty, administration and industry professionals, and is designed to develop students’ innate talents in a variety of traditional and contemporary media.  Along their route to a Fine and Applied Arts diploma students will acquire recognition of their accomplishments through certificate stepping stones granted by VCA or professional bodies.

Echoing the curriculum structure itself, our faculty is composed of full-time academic researchers bringing students their latest publications or discoveries, along with independent practicing professionals who connect theoretical learning to real world experience.

Each of our programs braids into others, enlarging students’ awareness of what is possible.  Our capstone courses, projects and events ensure their readiness, preparing them to launch into the real professional world equipped to meet all challenges.

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